What is Farm Caravan?

Farm Caravan is a community for those who wants to travel and work around Japan!
Each year we organize work&travel groups with their own fully equipped camper-vans for you to explore Japan that you have never seen!


You will work at farms located in the most beautiful parts of rural Japan.
You will be partnered with a Japanese colleague who will guide your way through your stay, so don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese.


Every 3 month, you will travel together with your colleagues to the new town where you will meet new farmers.
It is up to your group where you go sight-seeing during your trip!
We offer 3 courses visiting different places.

Cultural/Language Exchange

You will stay in a share-house with Japanese colleagues.
Make friends and have a great time!

Here are some interviews from the past participants.

Free Camper-van

During your stay, you can use our camper-van for free!
So take every opportunity to go camping!

Job description

Number of ParticipantsTotal 30 people
RequirementsWork permit
(For tourist-visa holder and student-visa holder, please check end of the page)
Work descriptionHelping agricultural work
DeductionsThere are no deductions from your salary except for the “share-house cost(please check below)”.
Working Hours8am~17pm(1hr Lunch break, 15mins short-breaks in AM&PM)
Travel Expense10,000yen paid to those who have stayed for more than 3month.
From Share-house to the farm, the transport will be provided by each farm.
Road-tripFrom one destination to another, you will use our camper-van to travel together with your colleagues. The basic expense will be free of charge(Camper-van, gasoline, camp-site fees etc…)
Holidays1~2days/week depending on the work.
1~2weeks holiday when moving to another farm.
SharehouseCost is 500yen/day


You will be accommodated in a share-house.
(We will try to accommodate you to a private room whenever possible.)
Below is a share-house for Kyoto’s tea farm.

How to Apply

Click here and apply!

To find out more about Farm Caravan, you can contact us by e-mail or DM us on Instagram!

E-mail : farmcaravanjapan@gmail.com

For tourist-visa and student-visa holders

Farm Caravan also offers agricultural work in Japan for you.
However, we can’t offer you a paid position so you will work as a volunteer staff and get free-use of camper-van(1day work=1day use of camper-van) which can be used after you finish work.
If you are interested to work as a volunteer, please register and we can discuss about the details!